1. Paradise City Festival Has Become a Regional Success Story

    Paradise City Festival Has Become a Regional Success Story

    It’s tough to make a living as an artist, and no one knows that better than Linda and Geoffrey Post, who made a go of it for 20 years, much of it on the art-show circuit, before deciding, in 1994, to switch gears. That’s when they founded the Paradise City Arts Festival.  Geoffrey Post, a fiber artist, and Linda Post, a painter, say they took an enormous leap of faith when they started the festival at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton. They gathered work from fellow artists, put notices in local newspapers, and set up in the ...

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    1. It was really an experience trying to transform that space.
    2. In '95, we were successful enough so that we could have a '96, and '96 was a little better than '95.
    3. Things just exploded. It was one of those Woodstock-type scenarios, where they're backed up on Route 91, all the way to Hartford.
    4. The restaurants are full, the hotels are full. We think it's good for the fairgrounds, good for the festival, and good for Northampton.
    5. The festival draws thousands of people to Northampton, and once they're here, people are naturally curious about the area.
    6. At least they have concrete floors.
    7. Whenever you make a big change like that, it makes you nervous, but we got great feedback from the exhibitors and the customers.
    8. If we don't get fresh new artists to every show, it gets stale.
    9. People don't realize how much work goes into the shows; we start preparing months in advance.
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