1. Filling the Big E’s Concert Bill Is Equal Parts Art, Science, and Hustle

    Filling the Big E’s Concert Bill Is Equal Parts Art, Science, and Hustle

    John Juliano has been booking entertainment at the Big E for almost 30 years, but his first job for the fair was a little less glamorous. Specifically, it was a part-time gig cleaning out horse stalls in 1982. He didn’t mind, though, because it was money in his pocket, and a chance to be a part of a regional icon he’d loved from his childhood. “It was always my favorite thing to do,” said Juliano, senior director of Sales, Marketing & Entertainment for the Eastern States Exposition. “When I was in junior high school, across the street in Agawam ...

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    1. It was always my favorite thing to do.
    2. Our budget, despite what most people believe, is not astronomical, brand content / entertainment.
    3. It's been exciting for me to add my marketing perspective and creativity and develop events that take on a life of their own under the Big E umbrella, and Twine is one of those.
    4. With any new show or event we bring in, we want to attract a new audience that might not typically come to the Big E, but might come for that particular entertainer.
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