1. Town Officials Say Wilbraham Is Open for Business

    Town Officials Say Wilbraham Is Open for Business

    Ask Wilbraham Selectman Bob Russell what his town’s main business is, and he’ll tell you: quality of life.  The town of nearly 15,000, located about 12 miles northeast of Springfield, has an abundance of protected open space, parks, recreation facilities, and other features that can be enjoyed by its residents, and a small-town feel that hearkens back to its origins as a close-knit farming community.  “It’s a bedroom community,” Russell said, and townspeople revel its neighborly activities, like summertime concerts and community-wide flea markets held at Fountain Park, gatherings of moms and dads and their young ...

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    1. New businesses can be a win-win for the town: they bring in tax revenue, but generally don't overly tax the town's resources. They don't put a demand on the school system, they generally don't require police calls, and they don't generally catch on fire.
    2. When I was a kid, growing up here, I'd ride my bicycle to the town center — my dentist was right there in a building that's unoccupied now.
    3. We've had moratoriums on certain things because the architects of the town have wanted it to look a certain way — the idyllic New England town.
    4. When Boston Road was laid out, it was with the mindset that there would be some service facilities and a lot of retail opportunities, but those retail opportunities are dwindling.
    5. In our small-town way of thinking, we see it as a really busy road, but in the scheme of busy roads, it's not that busy.
    6. We did put zoning in, subsequently, in an industrial zone.
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