1. WNEU School of Law Adjusts to an Altered Landscape

    WNEU School of Law Adjusts to an Altered Landscape

    Enrollment was already declining at law schools nationwide when the Great Recession hit, drying up the legal job market and driving the applicant count even lower. That forced a mass contraction at institutions across the U.S., including Western New England University School of Law. But its dean says the strategies undertaken to provide more return on investment for students has brought stability, and the future looks brighter than it has in years.

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    1. To be honest, we were probably making too many lawyers for too long.
    2. We can engage in magical thinking, wanting to bring back the good old days, or we can be realistic.
    3. With some smart planning on the expense side, we figured out how to offer the same programs with fewer people.
    4. We identified that need early on, with the population aging, and a lot of wealth still to be transferred from Baby Boomers to their kids.
    5. I've got a police officer, an HR person, a computer tech person, an insurance guy who does construction litigation … none of those want to be practicing lawyers, but they see they can be more effective in their roles by knowing more about the law.
    6. The market four years ago was in shambles, and we're seeing that it has come back — not to where it was prior to the Great Recession, but it's probably more sustainable now.
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