1. Mill 1 at Open Square Blends History with Modern Look and Feel

    Mill 1 at Open Square Blends History with Modern Look and Feel

    It’s called ‘industrial modern.’ That’s the phrase attached to a genre of interior design, one that takes cues from old factories and industrial spaces — or uses such facilities themselves — and blends them with modern fixtures and furniture to create a unique working and playing environment that blends the past with the present. That look and feel — which John Aubin, owner, developer, and chief designer at Open Square in Holyoke, also described with the phrases ‘accessible modern’ and ‘comfortable modern’ — are becoming increasingly popular with a host of constituencies. They include people in business, and especially those involved in ...

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    1. Around this time of year, late July, they shot their Christmas catalog here.
    2. It's a neutral canvas onto which people can apply their vision.
    3. But we knew we needed to make a considerable investment in that space.
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