1. Pathlight Fellows Advance Tech Concepts Through VVM Accelerator

    As she worked as a Pathlight fellow in Valley Venture Mentors’ (VVM) accelerator program this spring on technology designed to offer fire-safety guidance to individuals with intellectual disabilities, Lili Dwight learned she needed to tweak some components of her product. Having access to test audiences provided by Pathlight, VVM and other organizations were key in the learning, she said. An entrepreneur and a founder of Galactic Smarties in Deerfield, Dwight’s app was originally called Fire Drill, and it was intended to tell the user such things as where the fire is and the best route to safety. As part ...

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    1. We were excited to watch the ongoing progress and thrilled that the work of these entrepreneurs will help bring increased independence to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
    2. That audience was hugely important for me.
    3. There were more than twice as many teams as we had hoped for.
    4. I want to build a safe and sacred space for people on the autism spectrum and their families.
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