1. Homebrew Showcase in Springfield to benefit the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

    Homebrew Showcase in Springfield to benefit the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

    A charity Homebrew Showcase on August 5 in Springfield will benefit a non-profit tasked with helping children in the commonwealth find permanent homes.  From 1 to 3 p.m. at Paddy's Irish Pub, located at 1060 Wilbraham Road in the Breckwood Shopping Center, the event will give the public a chance to sample the work of local amateur brewers in a fun, laid-back atmosphere and enjoy complimentary food while raising money for the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE). Tickets for the event are available with a $15 donation at the door or in advance by emailing: jumpingcometbrewing@gmail.com.

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    1. MARE has helped move more than 6,000 children from state foster care to adoptive families
    2. There is a tremendous need for support for those who work in our foster care system, the foster and pre-adoptive families and, most importantly, those children who are thrust into a system through no fault of their own and just want a safe place to sleep and a family to love.
    3. The $15 max donation for brewers doesn't mean you can only bring three beers. It is simply a way to keep participation from being cost-prohibitive. If you have three beers, it's a $15 donation. If you have four or five, it's also a $15 donation.
    4. Blake and Paddy's have been incredibly supportive and generous in helping me with the endeavor
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