1. Northampton Facility Offers Affordable Space for Creatives

    Northampton Facility Offers Affordable Space for Creatives

    It’s been four long years since the Northampton Center for the Arts had a place to call home. But that’s about to change.  In September, the center will become the first tenant of a building at 33 Hawley St. in Northampton, purchased in 2013 by Northampton Community Arts Trust, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve space for use by artists. It was conceived on the principle of a land trust, in which land is purchased with a particular intention, such as preservation.

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    1. The arts trust's mission is to preserve, in perpetuity, spaces for the use of arts.
    2. Our interest is not in occupying the space, but we want to have input into programming in the building. We were looking for a way to replicate what we had in Thornes, to replace our performance capacity. This is really completing that goal for us.
    3. The end state of any creative economy is going to be where creativity has been pressed out of the market.
    4. We wanted to create a building with minimal operating expenses, where artists can actually afford to work, and that meant not borrowing money.
    5. We had to do basic development work because of the shape the building was in.
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