1. Hampden Grows While Retaining Its Character

    Hampden Grows While Retaining Its Character

    In many ways, the town of Hampden seems like a throwback to an earlier way of life.  The Western Mass. community of just over 5,000 is just east of East Longmeadow and less than a 20-minute drive from the bustling metropolis of Springfield. But with its rural feel, old-fashioned New England charm, mom-and-pop businesses, and neighborly sensibility, it seems worlds away. There’s not even a traffic light in town. “Heck, the bear population is exploding now; there are sightings every day,” said John Flynn, chairman of the town’s three-member Board of Selectmen. “Once people are in this ...

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    1. Heck, the bear population is exploding now; there are sightings every day.
    2. We're happy to get that growth, but you have to be careful not to lose what made Hampden Hampden.
    3. We would love to expand more Rediker-type businesses — that's the look we want.
    4. We're also one of the town's firewater suppliers. We have a 10,000-gallon tank in our parking lot that we maintain and service.
    5. The social fabric that makes up Hampden and the social fabric that is part of the GreatHorse culture are very similar to each other. Hampden is such a tight-knit community, and GreatHorse is the same.
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