1. As Tower Square Hits the Market, Conjecture Abounds

    As Tower Square Hits the Market, Conjecture Abounds

    Since it opened nearly a half-century ago, Tower Square has been both a prominent part of the Springfield skyline and a barometer of sorts for the health and vitality of the city and its downtown. And this explains why there is so much anticipation and speculation accompanying the announcement that the property is being put on the market by owner MassMutual. Experts agree that this will be more than a real-estate transaction — it will likely also be a referendum on Springfield and its apparent resurgence.

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    1. What will downtown Springfield look like in 10 or 15 years … I couldn't answer that one, and I don't think anyone can — the city can go in one of many directions.
    2. It certainly seems like a good time for MassMutual to explore this option.
    3. I'm hoping that there will be a strong market for this property because, if there is, that will be a clear indication of where we think Springfield is and where it's going.
    4. My grandfather counted how many people walked by a street corner at 12 noon.
    5. That property is probably worth more today than it has been for a long time.
    6. Retail is the piece of Tower Square that has been slow to come back.
    7. Retail has been a struggle across the country.
    8. If someone wanted to be right downtown, there are many amenities there.
    9. Main Street is going to come back, I think, and the city is poised for a resurgence, but a lot of things have to happen before that can take place.
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