1. Ski Butternut one step closer to buying Blandford Ski Area

    Ski Butternut one step closer to buying Blandford Ski Area

    The owner of Ski Butternut and Otis Ridge ski areas in the Berkshires plans to start work this fall upgrading the snowmaking and snow-grooming equipment at the venerable Blandford Ski Area now that he's one step closer to buying it. Members of the Springfield Ski Club voted Tuesday night to move forward with serious discussions aimed at selling the 132-acre property to Ski Butternut and its owner Jeff Murdock, said Dave Fraser, the club's marketing and publicity chairman. The price is still being negotiated. Both sides said Wednesday they don't even have a formal purchase-and-sale agreement yet.

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    1. It's Butternut's intention to run all of thatĀ -- the ski shop, the food.
    2. We intend to run it asĀ  it has been for many years, as a ski area.
    3. The club has done an outstanding job of keeping that area going for so many years.
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