1. Holyoke, Easthampton Chambers Launch Women’s Conference

    Holyoke, Easthampton Chambers Launch Women’s Conference

    It was more than a decade ago now, but Kathy Anderson can clearly remember the many emotions that accompanied her decision to seek the role of director of the Holyoke Office of Planning and Development. They included doubt — there was some of that, and on many levels — as well as uncertainty and perhaps a bit of fear as well. But there was also confidence and anticipation about what she could do in this role and what it would mean for her career. Anderson recalls that what she needed — and what she got from her friend, fellow Holyoker and mentor of ...

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    1. That was a male-dominated field, and people were questioning whether I could even do that job.
    2. Kathy you can do this; you're the conductor in an orchestra.
    3. Kathy has been wanting to do a conference-type event for women for some time now, and I've wanted to do something on inspirational leadership.
    4. We're trying to stop ourselves from falling into clichés concerning this topic, which is pretty easy to do.
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