1. Northampton Is Not About to Rest on Its Laurels

    Northampton Is Not About to Rest on Its Laurels

    You could say Northampton has “good bones.”  Once dubbed “the paradise of America” by opera singer Jenny Lind, it is home to one of the nation’s premier colleges, it boasts a regional general hospital as well as one for military veterans, its population of nearly 30,000 is diverse and well-educated, its labor force is highly skilled and mostly employed, it has a crime rate that is lower than the state average, and it’s one of the hottest locales in the region for shopping, dining, and partaking of a multitude of performance and visual arts.

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    1. We've already created an incredible bike trail that runs through the city, which we know draws people here.
    2. That's like 1,000 people a week who are consistently coming into downtown.
    3. These are the kinds of things people see when they go to other cities, the amenities people expect.
    4. They consume, but don't pay taxes for, city services.
    5. We've had some collaboration there.
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