1. GM Alex Dixon Gets to Work Building a Culture

    GM Alex Dixon Gets to Work Building a Culture

    Library officials here didn't expect their proposal for a new facility to receive state funding right away. Now, after the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners on Thursday awarded the town $3.9 million, they're accelerating their plans. "We're thrilled. We're beyond thrilled. We're kind of flabbergasted," said Goodwin Memorial Library Director Patrick Borezo. "We felt very confident," he said, but officials never expected to be funded in the first round after filing a grant application last fall.

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    1. It's amazing the reaction you'll get from customers when they see you on the floor in a security uniform welcoming guests alongside those team members.
    2. In this pre-opening phase, we're responsible for bringing the facility to life, and that is done by people, so we are going through the interview process for all the roles here.
    3. He or she will need to identify the location, work with the community colleges on the curriculum, find the instructors who will teach people how to not only count to 21, but ultimately do it with a smile.
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