1. the Ground Up Café is very close to its grand opening in downtown Springfield

    the Ground Up Café is very close to its grand opening in downtown Springfield

    Friends of Springfield!

    I can’t believe it, but the day has finally come.  After 2+ years of planning, the Ground Up Café is very close to its grand opening in downtown Springfield. As you know, our goal is to create the most inviting and comfortable café space we can, where “happy collisions” can occur daily and the momentum of the cities revitalization can continue to be fueled. The Ground Up Café will be home to the highest quality coffee, food, and cocktails in the city. Once the initial concept has been launched and is running successfully, we will then begin rolling out components of phase 2 slowly and strategically, including:

    • A barista and bartender training program focused on Springfield residents with barriers to employment  
    • A guest chef program to allow established chefs and budding restaurant entrepreneurs alike to test new concepts and showcase their talents
    • An affordable commissary kitchen for local start-up food businesses to rent space
    • Programming and support of the Steiger Park

    So why the email? Well in addition to providing you an update on the project we still looking for support. We have raised over $190K for this project but still have a small gap to cover in order to make sure that we do this right. I am hoping that you will consider being a very early contributor to our Kickstarter campaign that we will be officially lunching in the coming days. Your early support of this project will greatly add credibility and increase the success rate of the campaign.

    So, if you’re even half as excited as I am about having a cool place to hang out as well as great coffee and cocktails right downtown, here’s how you can help:

    • Back the campaign, ideally within the next 48 hours
    • Share and post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to spread the work
    • Email your food and coffee-loving friends, colleagues, past classmates, and family members to help us spread the word about the campaign and the project

    We chose the name Ground Up Café because we can’t do this without you.  It is truly a community effort and we are thrilled to have you be a part of it.  Of course, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out.  Thank you again for your support!


    Delcie Bean

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