1. Harry Dumay Takes Helm as 11th President of Elms College

    Harry Dumay Takes Helm as 11th President of Elms College

    Harry Dumay, who boasts a long and distinguished career in higher education, officially took the helm of Elms College as its 11th president on July 1. “I am excited to start my presidency at Elms College,” Dumay said. “The board of trustees has put together a fantastic transition team, which has been working diligently during the past few months to make it possible for me to hit the ground running. I am eager to partner with the faculty, the staff, and the student body as we advance the work of making an excellent Catholic higher education accessible to a diversity ...

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    1. I am excited to start my presidency at Elms College.
    2. Dr. Dumay is a multi-faceted leader who understands Elms College and the importance of a liberal-arts education based in the Catholic intellectual tradition.
    3. Dr. Dumay strongly believes education is the best tool to lift people out of poverty, to encourage positive discourse, and to create pathways to successful employment, while also supporting opportunities for strengthening ethical and spiritual development. This vision fits perfectly with the mission of Elms College.
    4. Elms College is a special community, in which the Sisters of St. Joseph's spirit of Catholic solidarity pervades the campus.
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