1. Agawam Is Building a Bridge to a Better Future

    Agawam Is Building a Bridge to a Better Future

    Richard Cohen is now halfway through his 16th year as mayor of Agawam — a tenure marked by four two-year terms, a two-year hiatus of sorts, and then four more terms. (And, yes, he’s seeking a ninth term this fall.) For that duration, if you will, he’s been coping with many of the same issues impacting this community of roughly 29,000, which is technically a city (hence, it has a mayor), but in most ways considers itself a town. In fact, that’s the word you see over the front door of the municipal offices on Main Street ...

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    1. These are complex matters … there are no easy answers, and that's why we've been dealing with some of them for 15 to 20 years or more.
    2. This is a great movie line, but really cannot be the basis of our capital planning, can it?
    3. This was a missed opportunity — I believe our plan would have greatly enhanced that area for the businesses there.
    4. I drove by there recently on my way to the high-school graduation, and the parking lot was just humming with people; it was packed.
    5. This will be a monumental redesign of that whole intersection, with specified turn lanes, widening, and signalization improvements.
    6. I'm excited about where we are and we're going.
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