1. Cohort for the Culinary/Hospitality 9 Week Training Program

    Cohort for the Culinary/Hospitality 9 Week Training Program


    Dear Employers,

    We are getting ready to start our next Cohort for the Culinary/Hospitality 9 week training program and I am again looking for guest speakers to come into the classroom as well as locations that would like to invite us to a site visit.  The last class was very successful with six of the eight already employed and all with our partners that have been participating in these opportunities.  

    July 21 and August 22 are the options for site visits and  you can choose either 9:AM or 11:30 am we usually spend about 1  1/2 to 2 hours at each site.  We only have four slots for site visits so please contact me right away if you are interested.

    Guest Speakers are 9:30 slots and you have up to an hour and a half. June 30, July 11, July 20, August 4

    Guest Speakers afternoon slots  12:00 pm August 16, 23, 28, 29


    Milissa Daniels
    Placement Assistant
    WorkForce Development
    Fax: 413-552-2077
    Holyoke Community College

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