1. Online-based program helping Holyoke students with laptops, video, 'gamification,' open house scheduled

    Online-based program helping Holyoke students with laptops, video, 'gamification,' open house scheduled

    An open house will be held this week about an "innovative" online-based school program called P3 or Personalized Pathways Program. The open house will be from 1 to 2 p.m. on Thursday at Peck Full Service Community School, 1916 Northampton St. The program features students using Google Chromebook laptops and other technology with methods that help them learn skills at their own pace, according to a press release and information online. It began in September at Peck. This year, 90 students with four teachers are involved in the program, said Stephen K. Zrike, the state-appointed receiver in charge of ...

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    1. Next year, our goal is (over) 200 students with eight core teachers.
    2. We need to be bold in our approach to innovation. P3 is an example of (the schools) willing to try new things in education that will have a lasting impact as we work to transform our schools for students, teachers and families.
    3. Students who excel can move ahead and those who are struggling with a particular segment can take more time to learn the lesson at their pace.
    4. Students and all of their teachers can access the (program) and track progress in all of their academic areas. Such connectivity creates collaboration among the teaching team allowing teachers to pinpoint challenges and problem-solve together with the student and their families who also have access to the information.
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