1. VVM Accelerator Awards Boost Startups in More Ways Than One

    VVM Accelerator Awards Boost Startups in More Ways Than One

    Valley Venture Mentor's third annual Accelerator program may have been capped by the grants given to a dozen of its participants at a recent awards ceremony, but participants say the rewards of the program go far beyond dollars, encompassing everything from intensive business training and expert advice to exposure in the marketplace and critical networking. These entrepreneurs’ ideas are often potentially world-changing; VVM’s goal is to help turn that potential into reality.

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    1. She realized something was wrong and took her to the hospital.
    2. My goal in life is to address the challenges of healthcare that the developed and developing worlds face.
    3. We want Western Massachusetts to be the next startup region.
    4. When Valley Venture Mentors was founded in 2011, there weren't the entrepreneurship programs in colleges that there are now, and there certainly wasn't the support of an ecosystem.
    5. There's something about the way we're doing this — it's on nights and weekends, we provide childcare, we do a founder-blind application process — that's really different.
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