1. Museum Dedicated to All Things Seuss Opens Its Doors

    Museum Dedicated to All Things Seuss Opens Its Doors

    It’s called the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, and that pretty much says it all. One of Springfield’s favorite sons, the good doctor actually created dozens of amazing worlds through his timeless books. The museum that opened on June 3 pays tribute to many of them, but also to the city that inspired Theodor Geisel to dream, create, and delight generations of children and adults.

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    1. We began our thinking about creating a museum based on the response we got from the sculpture garden.
    2. We were interested, from the beginning, in really telling the Springfield story.
    3. He said that growing up in Springfield had an imprint on him and his creative imagination.
    4. We really tie the museum to literacy.
    5. We even have colored pencils he actually used.
    6. As a museum, we want to celebrate the artistic and literary achievements of Theodor Geisel, but we really want people to come and have a great time.
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