1. Internships Help Students Realize Their Potential

    Internships Help Students Realize Their Potential

    Today’s college graduates understand it takes much more than book learning to compete in the job market; employers are looking for real-world experience. Students gain that experience through internships in their field, but they gain more than that. BusinessWest spoke with a few from this year’s graduating class who said their internships gave them confidence, inspiration, connections, and, in one case, a whole new career focus.

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    1. As students transition out of the university into the real world, employers are looking for students with experience.
    2. We meet monthly to learn from each other. We want to help students not only build their résumés, but help direct where they may want to take their education when they leave.
    3. We don't place our students; they work with a career coach to match themselves.
    4. I knew her as one of a handful of Latina leaders in our community. It was good to work with someone who looked like me and has a similar background.
    5. We're preparing students for careers in the fitness and health industry, providing them with classroom and hands-on training from day one.
    6. Through these rotations, we're able to connect to patients, coaches, other athletic trainers, and other healthcare professionals, and athletic directors. We're able to grow as athletic trainers.
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