1. Loomis House in Holyoke sold to Berkshire Health Systems

    Loomis House in Holyoke sold to Berkshire Health Systems

    The Loomis Communities has sold its Loomis House property at 298 Jarvis Ave. to Berkshire Healthcare Systems, of Pittsfield, for an undisclosed sum. According to a joint press release issued Monday, Loomis is keeping its other properties: Applewood in Amherst, Loomis Village in South Hadley and Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing in Springfield. Loomis, whose corporate office is at 246 North Main St. in South Hadley, began 115 years ago as Holyoke Home for the Aged, said David W. Scruggs, president and CEO of Loomis. "It was a tough decision to sell," Scruggs said. "This is our roots. This is ...

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    1. Loomis has been on this campus in Holyoke since 1981.
    2. It requires an organization that has more depth of experience in the health care side of things.
    3. It will be very similar and seamless as the transition moves forward.
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