1. Maple Commons in Springfield gets makeover with $21M MassHousing financing

    Maple Commons in Springfield gets makeover with $21M MassHousing financing

    MassHousing, the state's quasi-public housing finance agency, has provided $21 million to First Resource Companies for extensive renovations at the 173-unit Maple Commons Apartments in downtown Springfield. In total, the cost is expected to reach $35 million. The Maple Commons Apartments are in a number of buildings scattered on High Street, School Street and Union Street with a total of 102 one-bedroom apartments, 63 two-bedroom apartments and eight three-bedroom apartments. Work will include building envelope repairs; replacement of windows, boilers and roofs; upgrades to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; and apartment upgrades.

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    1. Maple Commons is in downtown Springfield in its own historic district known as the Lower Maple Historic District.
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