1. Dietz & Co. Makes an Historic Move into Union Station

    Dietz & Co. Makes an Historic Move into Union Station

    Kerry Dietz was asked about the circumstances that will bring the architecture firm she put her name on 32 years ago to the second floor of the recently renovated Union Station this summer, making her company the celebrated first tenant in the spacious office area of the landmark.  She paused for a long moment, as if she were reconstructing (that’s one industry term) the timeline of events in her mind, before summoning another phrase used by those in her profession.

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    1. This is what an architect's office should look like — or, at least it will be once we're done with it.
    2. We've got light coming in from all directions in this space.
    3. I needed to move us to the next level.
    4. One of the things I'm really hopeful for, and I hope it happens in my professional lifetime, is the east-west train to Boston.
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