1. Multi-faceted Plan in Greenfield Reaps Success

    Multi-faceted Plan in Greenfield Reaps Success

    Mayor William Martin recently acquired a book about Greenfield that was published in 1912. He keeps it in his office, and during a recent visit by BusinessWest, he culled through it and pointed out initiatives integral to the town’s economic development that mirror historic advances in the book that were considered progressive in the early 20th century. They include increasing density downtown, attracting businesses where growth is occurring, and developing town-owned energy companies, while continuing to meet the needs of residents. “We have taken ideas from the past and brought them into the modern day, which is very, very ...

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    1. We have taken ideas from the past and brought them into the modern day, which is very, very exciting.
    2. We were called a progressive community 150 years ago and are being called that again today.
    3. It brought people back downtown and consolidated the county's judicial system into one building.
    4. In addition to housing the Franklin County court system, the center is home to preventive and social-justice offices for the afflicted and the addicted.
    5. Greenfield is the capital of Franklin County and has always been an active transportation center. Our history dates back to the time of steamboats and stagecoaches which brought supplies to the hilltowns.
    6. The former brownfields site has been put to good, productive use.
    7. During negotiations that were associated with the sale, the developer agreed to create a mini-Fenway Park that will contain three playing fields for youth in the community that will open in August.
    8. The health clinic serves several thousand clients each month, which will help us reach our goal of increasing density downtown.
    9. This is a magnificent space in the center of Greenfield that will be used by the community and serve the interests of many residents.
    10. Greenfield Light and Power was started by the town in the 1880s, then sold to Western Mass Electric in the 1930s. But today we have our own power company again.
    11. We have been meeting with them for eight months, and they hope to start construction in August and hire 65 new employees after they open.
    12. The first track meet was held behind the building several weeks ago.
    13. They deserve to get the care they need and also bring in between $7 million and $10 million a year in benefits, which affects our economy.
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