1. Springfield-based MassMutual celebrates 166th birthday with a new logo

    Springfield-based MassMutual celebrates 166th birthday with a new logo

    MassMutual unveiled a newly refreshed brand Monday to celebrate its 166th birthday. The company said its new branding strategy celebrates the gift of interdependence.The logo features the letter M spelled out in dots. MassMutual changed logos Monday at its headquarters on State Street and its offices in Enfield. The old logo is down from the MassMutual-owned Tower Square office tower on Main Street. The MassMutual name remains on the building, however. Johannes Leonardo advertising agency in New York City did strategy and creative work on the campaign. The Working Assembly, also of New York, design studio, did the logo ...

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    1. Since 1851, MassMutual has been guided by our founding principle--we are people coming together to look out for one another.
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