1. Construction begins in Chicopee on new Tru by Hilton hotel (photos & video)

    Construction begins in Chicopee on new Tru by Hilton hotel (photos & video)

    A groundbreaking was held to celebrate the start of construction at the new Tru by Hilton Hotel at 450 Memorial Drive. The $15 million project will create a 108-room hotel complete with modern amenities such as a fitness room and semi-private work spaces, said Hershal Patel, one of the owners of BK Investments which is building the new hotel. State Sen. James Welch, and state Reps. Michael Finn, Joseph Wagner, and Angelo Puppolo, joined Mayor Richard J. Kos and other city officials to help celebrate the groundbreaking with owners Dennis and Hershal Patel.

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    1. Today's groundbreaking in Chicopee demonstrates Hilton's commitment to this new brand and, importantly, its owners.
    2. Tru is a game-changing brand, as evidenced by its statement-making entrance to the midscale category and now the Chicopee market.
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