1. Holyoke Medical Center raises $2M; ER ribbon cutting set for June 19

    Holyoke Medical Center raises $2M; ER ribbon cutting set for June 19

    A ribbon cutting ceremony for Holyoke Medical Center's new Emergency Department has been set for June 19. The center also announced that its capital campaign has raised $2 million in pledges during its "quiet" phase of the last year, and is now mounting a public campaign, complete with a fund-raiser indicator thermometer on the hospital's Beech Street campus, to help meet the goal of $3 million. "To raise $2 million in what is often called the 'quiet' phase of our capital campaign efforts shows the true value that businesses and individuals see in supporting our local, community-based hospital ...

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    1. In addition to the many contributions Barbara and her family have made to the medical center, the flagpole outside our main entrance stands in her honor, a gift from her daughters on the occasion of her birthday during the last campaign.
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