1. White Lion Wednesdays Return on May 17

    White Lion Wednesdays Return on May 17

    White Lion Wednesdays return to Springfield on May 17 and will run through August 27, presented by Berkshire Bank in partnership with the Springfield Business Improvement District (BID) and Springfield’s White Lion Brewing Co. Touted as one of last summer’s “Best Pop-up Beer Gardens” by Food & Wine magazine, Raymond Berry, president of White Lion, said this season will be even better. “White Lion is ecstatic to kick off this year’s beer garden series in May. Last year’s series had great attendance and obtained national recognition; we will look to capitalize on its success, and we are ...

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    1. The simplicity of this event is what people love the most. We provide a welcoming space with White Lion, and we've amassed quite a following. Wednesdays downtown are now a time to relax and connect with friends or co-workers in our beautiful outdoor spaces.
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