1. Leadership Initiative for Young Women Taps Steering Committee

    Leadership Initiative for Young Women Taps Steering Committee

    The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts recently announced a slate of initial appointments to the steering committee of the Partnership for Young Women’s Progress (YWP), its multi-sector partnership aimed at driving economic prosperity for young women in Springfield.  In February, the MassMutual Foundation and the office of state Treasurer Deb Goldberg announced their participation as lead corporate and government partners, respectively, for the project. The MassMutual Foundation awarded $150,000 to the Women’s Fund to support the launch of the partnership, while Goldberg’s office will offer its Women’s Economic Empowerment series, share state-agency-generated research and ...

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    1. The YWP initiative is a new, innovative way to showcase the talent and leadership skills of young women in the city of Springfield. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and look forward to working with the young women selected for the program.
    2. What we know from available data is that young people, and particularly young women, are leaving our region for perceived lack of economic opportunity.
    3. What a wonderful opportunity this initiative offers for young women in our community.
    4. As a husband and father of two daughters, I recognize the importance of young women being able to have equal opportunities to succeed and contribute to their communities.
    5. We truly value this partnership that leverages available resources in an innovative and collaborative way.
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