1. VVM Set to Launch Collegiate Accelerator This Summer

    VVM Set to Launch Collegiate Accelerator This Summer

    Valley Venture Mentors has long cultivated entrepreneurship in the Pioneer Valley through programs like its signature Accelerator, which provides education and support for aspiring business owners to hone their ideas. VVM’s Collegiate Accelerator, set to begin in June, is a different beast, focusing on a younger group with startup ideas and tossing them into a more demanding, time-intensive experience than the traditional Accelerator. But they do have something in common with their older peers: they don’t know anything. Yet

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    1. But the student demand was there all along.
    2. What they need is a great reason to stay.
    3. We can run the program over the summer and not conflict with their studies.
    4. The foundation of our program is, you don't know anything, and neither does your business partner.
    5. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and thrive. Students are one of the most high-potential populations our region has, and with a bit more help, they could really have an impact here.
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