1. Angela Lussier Finds Her Purpose in Helping Women Find Theirs

    Angela Lussier Finds Her Purpose in Helping Women Find Theirs

    It took just nine words to change Angela Lussier’s life: “you’ll never be ready; you just have to start.” That’s good advice for entrepreneurs of all kinds, but it was especially relevant for a shy, self-conscious, but creative and ambitious woman who decided her path to leadership was learning to overcome her fear of public speaking. Today, through the Speaker Sisterhood, she’s helping women around the world do the same — and, in the process, discover who they really are and what they were meant to do.

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    1. OK, I'm going to tackle this fear of speaking because I want to be a leader.
    2. The important thing was, I didn't die.
    3. We need more women on stages, more women getting paid what they're worth, more women leading conferences.
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