1. Ceremony marks completion of Longmeadow Shops expansion

    Ceremony marks completion of Longmeadow Shops expansion

    After more than two years of planning and construction, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Thursday to mark the official opening of the Longmeadow Shops expansion. "It took the support from the community," said Steve Walker, owner of Grove Property Fund, which owns the plaza on Bliss Road. "(A community) that treasures the charm and character of this town." The project expanded the Longmeadow Shops' retail space by about 21,000 square feet while enlarging the parking lot and adding new entrances to the plaza. It had been stymied in 2014 when Town Meeting voters, concerned about what the expansion could ...

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    1. It took the support from the community.
    2. It's impossible to think about Longmeadow without this parcel.
    3. The Shops, like a lot of things in life, have changed.
    4. Our world is changing so rapidly right now.
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