1. Rep. Seth Moulton: Boston rail project would benefit Springfield

    Rep. Seth Moulton: Boston rail project would benefit Springfield

    U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Massachusetts, a major booster of a proposed rail link between Boston's two major train hubs, is arguing that the project will also be good for Springfield. Moulton, in an interview with The Republican after an unrelated event in Boston, tried to distinguish between the North-South rail link proposal to connect Boston's North Station and South Station and the Big Dig -- the massive Boston highway project plagued by cost overruns and design flaws.

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    1. The Big Dig transformed downtown Boston but didn't really change travel times much around the state.
    2. What Springfield needs to realize is that the North-South rail link is an integral part of east-west rail, because you're not going to have the ridership for east-west rail unless you have the connectivity to other parts of the region that north-south rail will enable.
    3. You want to think about rail in New England as an integrated whole.
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