1. Chicopee Council rescinds tax agreement for now-closed Menck Windows

    Chicopee Council rescinds tax agreement for now-closed Menck Windows

    The City Council voted to rescind a unique tax agreement for a high-end manufacturer of windows that closed after two years of operations in the city. Menck USA, which opened in early 2015, closed on Jan. 11, laying off about 30 employees. The business was a joint enterprise between Menck Fenster GmbH, a 130-year-old custom window and door manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany, and Liesenfeld International, a logistics company also based in Hamburg. When it announced it would set up a window-making operation in Chicopee, the economy was still recovering after a long recession and state and local officials were thrilled ...

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    1. This was a business that got a nice tax break.
    2. It was a unique TIF (Tax Increment Financing agreement). The owner of the property is not Menck.
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