1. BID’s Event Lineup Generates Added Vibrancy Downtown

    BID’s Event Lineup Generates Added Vibrancy Downtown

    Chris Russell didn’t have all the details, but he had enough to make his point — and make a good segue into his discussion about the Springfield Business Improvement District’s lineup of events for the coming months. Russell, the BID’s executive director, said an official with one of the downtown Springfield hotels had informed him that the flight crews for one of the major airlines — he’s not sure which one — had made a formal request to lay over in Springfield when flying into Bradley International, rather than Hartford, because there was much more to do in the ...

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    1. The music is an important component of these events, but it's not the primary driver for people to be there.
    2. The Big E has generously donated a musical act, and we'll be using their Infinity Stage for that night.
    3. We got off to a very strong start with these markets last year.
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