1. Western New England University Startup Company Honored by Peers

    Western New England University Startup Company Honored by Peers

    New England Breath Technologies, a medical-device startup company formed by Western New England University professors Dr. Ronny Priefer and Dr. Michael Rust, won the People’s Choice Award recently at the annual M2D2 $100K Challenge. The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) recently held its sixth annual $100K Challenge, a nationwide competition that showcases the innovative ideas of early-stage medical devices and start-up biotech companies. Its aim is to help new biotech and medical-device entrepreneurs develop products every step of the way, from proof of concept to commercialization. “By winning the People’s Choice Award, it puts our new company ...

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    1. By winning the People's Choice Award, it puts our new company, Breath Technologies, into the spotlight of innovation.
    2. Our goal is to help startups gain valuable services needed during the tenuous beginning stages of product development.
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