1. People In Business: Paul Picknelly of Monarch Enterprises

    People In Business: Paul Picknelly of Monarch Enterprises

    The Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (GSCVB) announced today that President of Monarch Enterprises, Paul Picknelly has been selected as the 2017 winner of the Howdy Awards for Hospitality Excellence Spotlight Award. GSCVB Board Chairman Michael E. Hurwitz said, "Paul Picknelly is an ideal choice for this very significant honor. The Spotlight Award is bestowed annually upon an individual or organization making a far-reaching positive impact on the regional visitor economy. Paul's outstanding record of achievement in our area's hospitality industry speaks for itself. He's demonstrated great vision, created and sustained jobs, boosted local investment and ...

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    1. Paul's career has been filled with profound accomplishments.
    2. And that's all on top of being a Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Board for many years.
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