1. Cafe plans perking for Springfield Innovation Center

    Cafe plans perking for Springfield Innovation Center

    Looking for that after-work drink in downtown Springfield? Soon you might be able to order your favorite cocktail by smartphone app before leaving the office. It'll be ready and waiting when you get to Ground Up, the new name of the cafe planned for the Springfield Innovation Center on Bridge Street. Paragus Strategic IT CEO Delcie Bean, one of the backers of the cafe venture, recently detailed plans for Ground Up, which he and his partners expect to open in June. They're in the process of getting a liquor license.

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    1. One of the snacks we are going to offer is just a big piece of toast with our store-made butter.
    2. That's perfect for what we are trying to do here.
    3. We are very pleased about where we are right now.
    4. The cafe serves an important function for us.
    5. We are tired of being economic development nomads.
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