1. Tree House Brewing Co. Expands Its Horizons

    Tree House Brewing Co. Expands Its Horizons

    It’s one of the region’s most unlikely success stories — a brewery that doesn’t distribute its beers beyond the building where they’re crafted, yet has managed to amass a passionate following of enthusiasts who wait in long lines to buy that week’s selections. From humble beginnings in a Brimfield barn, Monson-based Tree House Brewing Co. will make its second big move later this year, into a 55,000-square-foot brewery in Charlton, which will dramatically expand its capacity, raise its profile, and put smiles on the faces of a lot more thirsty people.

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    1. Julius is a beer that is near and dear to our heart, both because we love it and because it is the embodiment of our identity: a brewery that makes carefully crafted, brightly flavored, contemplative, and pleasant-to-drink malt beverages.
    2. We're 100% sold out of this building, and that is uncommon.
    3. He loved craft beer and would go on pilgrimages to his favorite breweries and stand in line.
    4. Our business plan said maybe if we could get 25 people to come buy our beer, we'd be able to pay off the little loan we took to buy a 12-gallon, half-barrel system.
    5. It was like nothing they'd had before.
    6. This is where we were going to retire.
    7. For the first time in our history, we will have a taproom where guests can enjoy pints and enjoy a self-guided tour from a mezzanine level of our new, state-of-the-art brewing facility.
    8. Once we get up and running, we may even do a little bit of distribution.
    9. We thought maybe Red Barn Brewing, or Brimfield Brewing.
    10. We're riding a wave that is bigger than any of us imagined, for sure.
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