1. Cartamundi’s East Longmeadow Plant Is Open for Business

    Cartamundi’s East Longmeadow Plant Is Open for Business

    Since Cartamundi acquired the Hasbro plant in East Longmeadow in 2015, the two companies have been closely linked — in news accounts and everywhere else. And that’s understandable, because the toy and game developer is easily the biggest customer for the East Longmeadow plant. But those managing that facility are working hard to make it clear that this facility can do much more than make games for Hasbro.  Bob Adams acknowledged there are many benefits to the recent announcement that Play-Doh — that curious, multi-colored molding compound that has been part of American culture for more than 60 years — will again ...

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    1. We want to be less reliant on Hasbro and leverage our competencies to build our contract business.
    2. We don't need more equipment to increase our capacity; we need more skilled labor.
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