1. At Brick Coworkshop, Iron Sharpens Iron … and Much More

    At Brick Coworkshop, Iron Sharpens Iron … and Much More

    Dan Battat is a glassblower, and that can be a solitary art. But he prefers company.
    “As someone who has worked in a solo shop setting, it’s awesome to look up from the bench and see someone pouring concrete into molds, or these guys in the machine shop cutting metal, all in my view from my workspace. Seeing them, it’s hard not to think of new ideas.”  That iron-sharpening-iron philosophy is one of the driving forces behind Brick Coworkshop in Holyoke, a co-working space that currently houses eight artists of varying disciplines — from glass, metal, concrete, and wood ...

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    1. We were all in the right place at the right time.
    2. Kate was looking for an intriguing way to take the rich collection of history at Wistariahurst collection over the years, get that out of the bounds of the museum itself.
    3. I like being able to teach here, having the space to do that, pulling in all the multiple disciplines we have.
    4. And if I ever need a tool that doesn't exist yet.
    5. We want to leverage our energy and potential down here and play off things going on in the community.
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