1. WSU receives grant from Baker-Polito administration

    WSU receives grant from Baker-Polito administration

    Westfield State University (WSU) hopes that state funds received recently will lead to a new concentration focused on a burgeoning career field. WSU received $75,000 from Gov. Baker’s office last week, which will go toward the university’s attempt to create a biotechnology concentration in their biology program. The money is expected to help the university develop the concentration, with a tentative limited offering of it happening as soon as the fall of this year.


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    1. This is a new way for students to move forward and students are really interested in it.
    2. Many of our students want to go into the biotechnology field, and with this we would improve their biotechnology skills.
    3. This is part of the faculty paying attention to what our students want and paying attention to what's going on in the working world and the faculty meeting those needs.
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