1. Region's community colleges play pivotal role in workforce training

    Region's community colleges play pivotal role in workforce training

    There was a time when a college degree or a high-school diploma was the only ticket a worker needed to enjoy a lifetime of middle-class comfort and security. Those days are long gone, according to Jeremiah Riordan, Springfield Technical Community College's new interim vice president of workforce training, and his colleague Paul Sheehan, director of workforce development. In response, community colleges, including STCC, Holyoke and Greenfield community colleges, along with continuing to offer affordable pathways to a bachelor's degree, are redefining and expanding their roles as vehicles for lifelong learning and, in the process, helping to drive the ...

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    1. Our focus is to help people get a job, keep it and get better at it.
    2. Students who start in a non-credit course need short-term skills to get a job, but we also want to create for students to take the next step up the ladder.
    3. We're here to meet students where they are when they walk in the door.
    4. We need to tell the story and tell it loud and clear that there are opportunities for unemployed and underemployed workers.
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