1. Bradley International Airport Escape Lounge

    Bradley International Airport Escape Lounge

    As you know, we are pleased to have recently opened a new lounge at Bradley International Airport. Escape Lounge Bradley is a common-use airport lounge, which means that you can utilize the lounge for a daily fee without needing to travel on any particular airline, use a specific credit card, or be a member of any special frequent flyer program. Lounge access includes complimentary food and beverage, high-speed WiFi, and a comfortable, relaxing environment away from the busy terminal complex. Escape Lounge Bradley is open to all and works with corporate travel bookers and regular business travelers, offering preferential rates and discounts to fit within their budgets. 

    The Escape Corporate team will be in the Hartford area February 21-24, and they will be available to meet with anyone who would like to learn more or discuss a potential deal. They are happy to meet at your offices or they would welcome you to meet in the lounge to experience it first-hand. Please feel free to contact Howard Ebison, Executive Vice President - Commercial, at Howard.Ebison@magairports.com if you would like to schedule a meeting.

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