1. Pathlight Fellows to Develop Tech Concepts Through VVM Accelerator

    Pathlight Fellows to Develop Tech Concepts Through VVM Accelerator

    As the two entrepreneurs chosen to serve as Pathlight fellows in Valley Venture Mentors’ (VVM) four-month, intensive Accelerator program, Dwight and Landry have the opportunity to develop their new technology, which will best serve people with intellectual disabilities but will also serve the wider population. Pathlight, headquartered in Springfield, has served people with developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout Western Mass. since 1952. Meanwhile, Valley Venture Mentors offers support to business startups. The two nonprofits collaborated on the Pathlight Challenge to encourage entrepreneurs to consider people with disabilities when designing new products. The Pathlight Challenge is supported in part by a ...

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    1. We're very excited about the people who applied.
    2. This was an idea that I had based on my need to be really effective because I'm self-employed and trying to figure out how to get the things done and have the impact I want to have in the world.
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