1. Providence Behavioral Health adds in-patient 'step-down' unit to addiction services

    Providence Behavioral Health adds in-patient 'step-down' unit to addiction services

    Mercy Behavioral Health Care is adding an in-patient "step-down" unit at its Providence Behavioral Health Hospital to help individuals fighting substance abuse disorders transition in post-detoxification treatment to outpatient services. The 21-bed unit, in renovated space on the hospital's third floor, is being described as a "bridge" between acute in-patient addiction treatment services and outpatient services by Dr. Robert J. Roose, chief medical officer and vice president of addiction and recovery services for the parent Sisters of Providence Health System, which is part of Trinity Health-New England, and also includes Mercy Medical Center in Springfield.

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    1. It will add 21 beds to start, with potential for additional to come, and more than 20 full-time employees.
    2. It is a bridge to improve that hopefully seamless continuation of care for the patient.
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