1. Colleges Respond to Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals

    Colleges Respond to Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals

    Many students work hard to earn a college degree, then find there are no jobs that match their credentials.  But the demand for people to work in healthcare settings continues to rise, and high-school graduates or individuals seeking a career change are likely to be hired quickly after graduating from a certificate or degree program in any of several fields.  “Each year, we graduate 125 to 150 students from our healthcare programs, and they walk into jobs within months of passing their exams,” said Julia Chevan, dean of Springfield College School of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Studies. “In the past ...

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    1. Each year, we graduate 125 to 150 students from our healthcare programs, and they walk into jobs within months of passing their exams.
    2. Baby Boomers are getting older, people are having fewer children, and there are not enough young people to care for the aging population.
    3. Many students come here with tunnel vision: they tell us they want to become a nurse because it's a job they know about. There is certainly a demand for nurses, but we try to educate them about other options: there are literally more than 200 allied health careers.
    4. There is a tremendous demand, and Baystate calls us all the time looking for graduates.
    5. These programs also prepare them to go into other fields.
    6. Many people find this career very rewarding because they can work in an administrative role, have the gratification that comes from helping people at tough times in their lives, or use it as a stepping stone to go on to other programs.
    7. It will give them the opportunity to go into a specific area where they can work with the latest technology available.
    8. A large number of nurses are retiring, and as graduates advance into specialty areas, there is a real need to backfill open positions.
    9. The college also has a number of other programs in healthcare, including nutrition, athletic training, and clinical exercise physiology, and these three specifically address professions with an identified workforce shortage.
    10. Their goal is to help the person manage the world independently in a way that has meaning to them.
    11. But there are no shortcuts to this degree, and admission is very competitive.
    12. We recently received a call from a local healthcare organization that wants to start an affiliation with us because they are having a problem attracting and retaining CNAs.
    13. Insurance-company regulations have become so complex that it's vital for every physician's office to have a well-trained billing practitioner.
    14. Many urgent-care centers are starting to employ community healthcare workers.
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