1. Amherst Charts Growth, Retains Small-town Feel

    Amherst Charts Growth, Retains Small-town Feel

    Roberts owned the historic First National Bank building in the heart of downtown on 11 Amity St. which the trio identified as an ideal spot, and after an extensive, four-month, $500,000 renovation that resulted in a state-of-the-art workspace with a kitchen, the doors opened late last fall. It addition to areas with shared desks and tables, there are 10 individual offices, and seven were rented long before work on the structure was finished.

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    1. What makes this unique is that it is a 1928 building with a gigabyte of wi-fi, which is 100 times faster than standard wi-fi service.
    2. UMass has grown into an advanced graduate institution, and we hope the Kayon Accelerator will provide a landing spot for local entrepreneurs' energy and enthusiasm.
    3. It's really exciting, and our goals include welcoming parents of college students; we reach out to them through UMass, but they often stay on Route 9 or come through Belchertown, and although they are within a quarter-mile of downtown, they don't know we are here or what we have to offer.
    4. We haven't had a central location for visitors to learn about our cultural attractions and restaurants for more than a decade.
    5. The new building is in our downtown and will allow for a lot more density.
    6. It will create 20,000 additional square feet of commercial space.
    7. Our housing studies have shown that there is a lack of affordable housing here, so it would certainly make a difference.
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